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About Peppermill Marketing

Peppermill opened its doors in 1993 and today we are recognized as a multi-channel marketing industry leader.  We’re skilled at bringing your message to new customers through our postal mailing lists, email campaigns and mobile data. With our experience and long-term industry partnerships you can rely upon us to deliver new customers to your door step promptly and cost effectively.

For information on how to monetize your database or run successful direct mail or e-mail campaigns call
1.866.737.5478 or email us at:




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Email Marketing

It's easy, fast and can reach huge audiences delivering quick response cost effectively. Our email data base contains over 200 million opt-in e-mail addresses that can be segmented in different ways to meet your demographic target needs.

Mailing List Management

Licensing your customer mailing list to national advertisers can earn your company big bucks...and we do it all: arrange the rentals, negotiate fees, billing, accounting, collection and payment to you. It's that simple.

Peppermill Consumer Base Target

Your sales effort is only as good as the leads you work. Peppermill's weekly issued New Homeowner Leads, New Business and Recent Movers will have a huge impact on your sales numbers. (Select Compiled Data in Search)

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